14 Rule to get sound sleep at night

sleep at night

Do you like to sleep well at night? Everybody wishes it. Here we are going to mention some golden rules to sleep well at night.

Golden rules

1) Try to fix a definite time for  going to  bed and  getting up  to get sound sleep.

2)  The proverb says,” early to bed and early to rise, makes you healthy, happy and wise”. Early rising  helps to get better sleep.

3) You cannot actually control your sleep. So let it be. Your nervous system will take care good about your sleep.

4) Nightmare or superstitions  are not real. Don’t thinks much about it.

5) Don’t get anxious for a small matter like a child walking in sleep, the nightmare of any family members . All these things will go away soon. Most of the people what we dream at night, we forget  in the morning. If something really matters for worriying , try to find a simple solution. Don’t make it over complicated.

6) There may be some reason for losing your sleep at some nights. Don’t bother it. Sleep is a self-correcting issue which will get back when your brain needs it.

7) Cheerfulness , affection, and contentment are very basic things to have in life to get better sleep.

8)There is no alternative to being habituated with proper exercise to get sound sleep in the night.

9) Make your bed fine tuned and luxurious as far as you can .

10)  Never take  sleeping peel, smoking , drug or alcohol to get sleep.

11)  If your physician suggests sleeping peel, don’t take it more than 3 days .

12)  Control your body weight properly to be healthy and fit to get better sleep.

13) keep keen eyes on your meals especially supper which is really vital to get sound sleep. Meals should be easily digestible  for getting proper sleep at night.

14)  Be happy with what you have and what you don’t have. Forget about bitter past or failure and look forward. Who knows -what is next.

Posted by John Rasel

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