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   Terms of Service

*Our quote is based on items listed, any additional items may be charged - between £2.50 and £15 – driver will advise at collection.

* Our quote is for 1 man and a van unless stated otherwise. 

* All items to be collected must be ready for pickup, quotes do not include dismantling or reassembly of any items.

* We may refuse to accept items that exceed the legal limits for the van or are considered beyond the capability of our crew.

* Unless you have advised us that the job would incur additional charges; congestion charge, dart charge, ferry charges, parking charges - these are payable by the customer upon receipt.

* Our quote is for a ground floor to ground floor door to door service only. When no floors/flights of stairs are listed we provide a default quote (Ground floor quote). Additional charges of £10 per flight of stairs will be charged.

* Any waiting time exceeding 20 minutes on behalf of the client automatically incurs an additional £20 charge and this increases in increments of £10 per 15 minutes thereafter.

* We reserve our right to refuse transportation of any item. Due to insurance reasons passengers are prohibited to ride in the van.

*We accept no liability if we are delayed and we do appreciate your understanding if unexpected traffic delays or other issues hinder our progress.

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