Some cautions about drinking green tea


Green tea has lots of benefits like it melts your fat and fight against cancer. It is one of the best substitutes for coffee also. It is an active ingredient which takes a vital role to slow down the progression of prostate cancer. It builds strong protection for influenza. It feels you relax, trims down your stress , enhances your energy and cuts down your colestrorel remarkably. Green tea is suggested for weight loss  and lessen fat also.

But do you know something dark about green tea? Is there any? yes , it has some demerits which are unknown to most of all.

Most importantly,  green tea can get in the way of the effect of hypertension medicine . It has tannin and tannin hinders the absorption  of iron from fruit and veggies. To protect this effect, drinking green tea with lemon which is enriched with vitamin c is a great option.

When you are taking lots of medication, it will be wise to consult with your physician about drinking green tea as it has caffeine which can mix with drugs and may hamper your medication effects.

In research, it is found that due to green tea, the drugs for cold and flu slow down their effectiveness. So consulting with doctor about green tea consumption  is vital if you have medicine to take

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